Privacy and data protection

Consent and Privacy

About Rakning C-19 and connected systems

By consenting to turn on exposure notification Rakning C-19 can notify you if you have been in close proximity to a person who has reported a confirmed COVID-19 infection.

Your phone uses Bluetooth to collect and share randomized ID´s from other phones you may come close to, in a secure manner. Information regarding date, lenght and signal strenght of exposure will be stored on your phone.

By activating Rakning C-19 you can help the Department´s of Civil Protection and Emergency Management contact tracing team to trace possible COVID-19 infections in Iceland!



While active on your phone the app collects and stores non personally indentifiable randomized ID´s, called keys. Those ID´s are securely stored on your phone for 14 days. The app starts collecting data when you finish installing it on your phone and you have given your consent for the processing of personal data below. Your keys will not be shared without your consent and only by request from the contact tracing team. Those who receive an exposure notification receive no information on who the notification is coming from. 

You can also choose to register your phonenumber to receive the results from your COVID-19 test at the border.

If you receive an exposure notification you can choose to register throught a website, accessible through the app. You will then get an appointment for a COVID-19 test seven days after you were exposed.

The purpose of the app is to ensure fast and effective contact tracing and to effectively notify users who may have been exposed to COVID-19.

The processing of personal data in the app is based on your consent. Any transfer of data from your phone, in case of a confirmed COVID-19 infection, is also base don your consent.

The processing of personal data you may provide when you register through the website, after having received an exposure notification, is based on the authority vested in the Chief Epidemiologist of Iceland by law.

The Directorate of Health in Iceland is the data controller for all processing of personal data. Personal data will not be used for any another purposes than those described above and will not be shared with other.

Further information regarding the processing of personal data in the privacy statement for Rakning C-19, available here:

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